Transformed in

I am that touchstone, which will tip the scales in the right direction. But is it the right one?

In the beginning I was just Diana Vasileva and I had one dream only – to live the life that I had like a normal person. But the blood on my hands in mornings summoned me to stop fooling myself that I was any similar to others. And even thought I was desperately trying to find the balance between ordinary everyday life and human relations; and my burdened from nightmarish reincarnations consciousness and the controlling Voices, I have finally decided to give up on the unequal battle and confessed to myself that I don’t fit in the world of people.

One coincidental meeting with a real vampire made me open my eyes and see beyond the obvious. After that, there was no longer a chance of going back. The world I knew started slipping through my fingers like sand, while the violence and strange coincidences reinvigorated me towards madness and rejection of accepting the reality – because the world turned out to be awfully full of creatures craving not only my blood but also my hidden powers that my secret heritage has predetermined as I was born.

I was forced to choose between vampires and Secondary, to search for my roots way back in the past from the beginning of mankind and to realize that nothing is as it seems – science, religion, personal values and… death.